Health Careers

Image of HEROES Logo Through a Model State-Supported Grant, the Charlotte AHEC develops initiatives to educate all pre-college youth, with an emphasis on underrepresented minorities, and economically / educationally disadvantaged populations about health careers.

We also develop academic preparedness with these youth through math and science critical thinking skill enrichment, clinical observations, and healthcare system site visits.

Our goal is to have 90% of the youth we work with demonstrate increased awareness and knowledge about health careers and acquire the personal skill sets required to become a health professional. The HEROES Program is one of the initiatives designed to help accomplish our goal. The components of HEROES are outlined below. We also have a program for college students called Charlotte AHEC Scholars Charlotte AHEC Scholars.

New Format for 2021–2022: Live Webinar
HEROES Health Careers Connection: A Teen Health Career Club

October – May

Our Teen Health Careers Club is for high school students that are interested in learning more about careers in healthcare. It meets once a month from 6pm – 8pm. Students will thoroughly enjoy health science workshops, health career speakers, games and so much more! Applications for the 2021–2022 Health Career Club are now available. Click here to download the application.

SAT Prep: Achieve Peak Performance and Higher Scores!

We understand that a competitive SAT score helps distinguish you on your college applications in order to increase your chances of getting into the school of your choice, and even possibly obtaining a scholarship. Let our certified teachers partner with you! In this workshop, you'll learn effective test-taking skills and discover subject areas where improvement is needed to achieve better results. Let our certified teachers partner with you in order to reach your goals! Click here to register for the next class.

ACT Prep: Gain the Competitive Edge and Score Higher Results!

Are you interested in increasing your chances of getting into the college of your choice and obtaining a scholarship? Then this course is for you! During this workshop, students will learn effective test taking skills and discover subject areas where improvement is needed to achieve better results on the ACT exam. The class will be taught by certified teachers who have extensive experience in assisting students with building their ACT test taking skills. Click here to register for the next class.

College Resume Writing Workshop

The "Scholar Mom" works to reduce out-of-pocket college tuition costs, while advising high school students on how to effectively market themselves through their resume for college acceptance and maximum scholarship awards. Have a list of all academic honors, leadership, and community service experience. This will be helpful in developing their resumes. Click here to register for the next class.

College Personal Statement Workshop

A well-written personal statement is an essential part of the college application process. The "Scholar Mom" is here to help. Students will learn how to tell their story for college acceptance and maximum scholarship awards. Students are asked to have an updated college resume available as this will be used to develop their personal statement. It's never too early to get started! Click here to register for the next class in October, or click here for the November class.

Parent College Preparation and Scholarships Workshop

College-bound high school parents, join the "Scholar Mom" for this dynamic live webinar workshop. The focus of this parent workshop shall be on the question to the typical college bound high school student: "Are you ready for college?" We will discuss strategies for success in college preparation and winning scholarships. We will flow through each grade and where you should be focusing your attention. We will spend some time discussing "Helicopter Parents" too! You don't want to miss this workshop.

North Carolina Pre Scholar's Summer Institute

The North Carolina AHEC Pre-Scholars Institute aims to provide professional development and mentoring to historically underrepresented students interested in pursuing a career in health care. Students will thoroughly enjoy health science workshops taught by health science faculty from across the state of NC, health care professional guest speakers, games and more! Our goal is to expose and prepare teens for a variety of careers in healthcare in a fun and exciting way. We believe in funrichment (fun+enrichment)! The content will be delivered via live webinar and online modules. Applications will be available in Spring of 2022.

Super Science Saturdays

Super Science Saturdays are workshops for high school students that love science. This highly interactive hands-on approach to science is like no other. Dissection, forensic science, chemistry experiments and so much more.

Interested in HEROES Programs?

If you are interested in participating in the HEROES program, here's how to apply:

  1. Students in 9th - 12th grade, with at least a 3.0 GPA, should add their name to the e-mail list. Students that are already apart of the HEROES program may get first dibbs on the programs, however, we are always looking to fill empty spaces. Add your name to the Charlotte AHEC Email List and we will send you information on upcoming programs.

  2. Wait to receive an application for the next program. The HEROES programs are outlined here for high school students. The application will arrive about 1 month prior to the event.

  3. APPLY!