Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) involves maintaining and enhancing the knowledge, skills and experience related to professional activities following completion of formal training. Continuing professional development should be a lifelong, systematic and planned process to maintain and develop professional competence, creativity and innovation. CPD programs are designed to meet the education and training needs of health providers in the allied health, dental health, medicine, mental health, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and emerging health professions.

Upcoming Events

Date(s) Discipline Title
Apr 14 - Jun 9, 2021 Nursing 2021 Telehealth Nursing 2nd Quarter Series
Apr 21 - Jun 2, 2021 Mental Health Gaston Substance Use Spring Summit: Caring for Others and Ourselves
May 7 - 28, 2021 Medicine 5th Annual T.H.I.N.K. Academy: Treating Health Inequities with New Knowledge
May 17, 2021 Mental Health ReCAST Summer Learning Experience #1 – Implicit Bias in Our Daily Work
May 19, 2021 Nursing Respecting Choices First Steps® Advanced Care Planning (ACP) Facilitator Certification Course
May 19, 2021 Leadership Education Communicate Like a Leader - Part 4
May 19, 2021 Mental Health Experience Zen as a Lifestyle: A Path Towards Mindful Self-Care
May 19 - 21, 2021 Allied Health UNC Greensboro Health Coach Certificate Training 2021
May 19, 2021 Mental Health Trauma 101: ACES is not Destiny (ReCAST)
May 20, 2021 Nursing 13th Annual Maternal Neonatal Nursing Symposium: Zooming into 2021 with Best Practices