Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) involves maintaining and enhancing the knowledge, skills and experience related to professional activities following completion of formal training. Continuing professional development should be a lifelong, systematic and planned process to maintain and develop professional competence, creativity and innovation. CPD programs are designed to meet the education and training needs of health providers in the allied health, dental health, medicine, mental health, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and emerging health professions.

Upcoming Events

Date(s) Discipline Title
Jan 16 - Dec 31, 2020 Medicine Project ECHO: Embrace Network Sickle Cell Disease
Aug 24, 2020 - Aug 24, 2022 Medicine Adult Critical Care Fundamentals
Sep 3 - Nov 12, 2020 Interdisciplinary NCCARE360: A Coordinated Response to Health Equity and Health Determinants in NC
Sep 15 - Dec 8, 2020 Nursing The Wound Treatment Associate® (WTA) Program
Oct 26 - Nov 12, 2020 Mental Health (POSTPONED TO SPRING 2021) Gaston Substance Use Summit: Caring for Others and Ourselves
Oct 29, 2020 Nursing Introduction to Energy Therapies: Healing Touch and Reiki
Oct 29, 2020 Leadership Education Jerks at Work: Dealing with Challenging Workplace Behaviors
Oct 30, 2020 Mental Health Key Issues in Assessing and Treating Serious Mental Illness
Nov 4, 2020 Health Careers College Resume Writing Workshop
Nov 6, 2020 Nursing 22nd Annual Mother's Special Gift Breastfeeding Conference