Teachers & Community Leaders

The Charlotte AHEC is an integral part of the community in which we serve. As a part of our mission, we want to recruit and retain healthcare providers. We also want to aid our community leaders by offering classroom presentations and workshops. Please see the list of programs below. If you are interested in bringing one or more of the programs to your school or organization, please complete the presentation request form.

For Middle and High School Students

Health Career Workshops
The Health Career Workshops are an outreach program for students (middle and high school) about health careers, academic skills and making good choices. It is packed with activities, games and prizes. This Workshop is designed to increase the interest, number and motivation of students considering a career in the health profession. The workshop lasts one-two hours based on your individual needs.
Career Fair Presentations
This 30-45 minute interactive presentation targets middle and high school classes. It features a 15-minute video and a 15-30 minute class discussion about the different careers in health. It ends with a short activity that introduces them to the North Carolina Health Careers Manual.
Diversity 101: Understanding the Importance of Diversity as it Relates to Patient Care
The demographics of the world in which we live are changing everyday. Current and future healthcare providers will need to be equipped with the personal skill sets that will enable them to serve patients of many different races and cultures. Students will learn the meaning of the word "Diversity", understand its importance as it relates to providing excellent patient care and learn how to be champions for diversity in their school, home and community. This workshop is filled with discussion, activities and interaction.