Contact the Quality Initiatives Team

May Cheung, MSN, RN-BC
Director, AHEC Nursing Education, Health Careers & Quality
704.512.6531 phone
704.512.6568 fax
Michelle Boyd, MS, CSSGB
Assistant Director, AHEC Health Careers
704.512.6530 phone
704.512.6568 fax
Paulina Crass, BA
Education Specialist, AHEC Quality Education
704.512.7592 phone
704.512.6568 fax
Kathryn Fitzpatrick, MSN, APRN, RN
Nurse Education Specialist, RN Refresher
RN Refresher Program
704.512.6579 phone
704.512.6568 fax
Rachel Ford, BS, CHES
Project Coordinator, AHEC Nursing
704.512.6038 phone
704.512.6568 fax
Laura Magennis, MSN, RNC-OB, CNS
Nurse Education Specialist, AHEC Nursing
704.512.6204 phone
704.512.6568 fax
Sophia Moore-Dennis
Project Coordinator, AHEC Health Careers
704.512.6537 phone
704.512.6568 fax
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