Online Module System Requirements

Adobe Presenter Content Viewers

Windows 7/8/10

Internet Explorer 8 or later
Firefox 3.x or later
Google Chrome

Mac OS 10.8, 10.9, 10.10

Safari 4 or later
Firefox 3.x or later
Google Chrome


Google Chrome

Additional Requirements

Adobe® Flash® Player 13+ Windows and Mac.

Adobe® Flash® Player 23.0 for Linux.

Bandwidth: 512Kbps for participants, meeting attendees, and end users of Adobe Connect applications.

Connection: DSL/cable (wired connection recommended).

Test Your Computer and Network

To make sure you have all the necessary programs to take online modules and to participate in webinars, please CLICK HERE for the test connection link. A passing test should look like:

what a passing connection test will look like

If your computer does not pass (i.e. show what the image above shows), you will need to contact your IT Department and/or your Network Administrator for help.

Citrix / Webmail / WebApps

CHS Employees please be aware that if you access your Outlook remotely or go through Webapps/Webmail while at work for Outlook there is a known issue when trying to click on links to view Continuing Education Modules, Online Meeting or any other content through Charlotte AHEC eLink. The issue is that Citrix does not allow you to listen to the provided audio. To solve this issue please copy and paste or type any links that you receive via e-mail pertaining to Charlotte AHEC Connect into a web browser on your desktop such as Internet Explorer and locate the page that way. Users that access Outlook directly from their desktop should not be affected by this issue and should be able to click on the links provided. If you need further clarification on this or have questions about Charlotte AHEC eLink please contact us or call 704.512.6523.