Continuing Professional Development

Continuing professional development (CPD) involves maintaining and enhancing the knowledge, skills and experience related to professional activities following completion of formal training. Continuing professional development should be a lifelong, systematic and planned process to maintain and develop professional competence, creativity and innovation. CPD programs are designed to meet the education and training needs of health providers in the allied health, dental health, medicine, mental health, nursing, pharmacy, public health, and emerging health professions.

Upcoming Events

Date(s) Discipline Title
Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2019 Leadership Education Everything DiSCĀ® Workplace Assessment
Mar 1 - May 24, 2019 Quality Initiatives Quality Management I & II - Improving Healthcare Performance and Outcomes
May 22, 2019 Care Management 2019 Gerontology Conference: Working Towards Integrated Care
May 22, 2019 Public Health Canceled - Healthy Homes Training
May 23, 2019 Nursing 2019 Nurse Aide Symposium
May 23, 2019 Leadership Education Creating a Community of Harmony: Dealing with Difficult Behaviors
May 28, 2019 Diversity Effective Conflict Resolution Strategies in a Multicultural Workplace
May 29, 2019 Leadership Education Communicate Like a Leader: Part 3
May 31, 2019 Mental Health Best Practices in Assessment: Tools for the Experienced Clinician
Jun 3, 2019 Mental Health Motivational Interviewing - Starting or Restarting