Geriatric Resources

Alzheimer's Association-Western Carolina Chapter

Purpose: To provide information and support to those affected by Alzheimer's disease and dementia.

Services Provided: Caregiver telephone helpline, family support locations and meeting times, educational programs and materials for family members.


American Cancer Society

Purpose: To answer questions about the nature of cancer, its causes, and risk factors.

Services Provided: Provides information about the latest strategies for prevention and early detection, new diagnostic techniques, and the latest treatment options.


American Diabetes Association NC & Affiliate, Inc.

Purpose: To prevent and cure diabetes and to improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes.

Services Provided: Public, patient, & professional education, chapters/support groups throughout the state, periodic statewide screening, assistance through health fairs & fund research.


American Heart Association

Purpose: The mission is to reduce death and disability due to cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Services Provided: The association engages in three enterprises: cardiovascular science, cardiovascular education, and community programs and revenue generation.


American Liver Foundation

Purpose: Dedicated to preventing, treating, and curing hepatitis and other liver and gallbladder diseases through research and education.

Services Provided: Provides patient information, doctor referrals, and acts as trustee for transplant funds.


American Lung Association of North Carolina

Purpose: To prevent and control all lung disease.

Services Provided: Educational programs, speakers, audio-visuals, literature, smoking cessation programs, seminars, workshops, monthly support group meetings for lung disease patients and parent of asthmatic children, asthma day camps, (Cabarrus, Gaston, and Mecklenburg only), educational brochures, public school programs for tobacco cessation, asthma awareness and education, and indoor/outdoor air quality information.


Arthritis Foundation-Carolinas Chapter

Purpose: To support research, to find the cure for and the prevention of arthritis, and to improve the quality of life for those affected by arthritis, This national volunteer agency works to find answers for the more than 100 arthritis-related diseases.

Services Provided: Support research, offers patient programs and services, and professional and public education. Programs included are arthritis support groups, Arthritis Foundation/YMCA aquatic program, arthritis self-help course and People with Arthritic Can Exercise program. Public forums and toll-free Arthritis Answer line are available.


Epilepsy Foundation of North Carolina

Purpose: To provide information on epilepsy to anyone interested. Goal is to improve the care and understanding of those with epilepsy in NC.

Services Provided: Telephone information service, patient education, individual, family and group counseling, educational programs and workshops, conferences for professionals, patients, families, and the public. Medication fund for indigent patients.


National Kidney Foundation of NC

Purpose: To provide education on kidney disease and organ donation.

Services Provided: Education, support services, patient emergency funds, research, and professional education.


National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Purpose: To promote funds for research, to find the cause and prevention of multiple sclerosis, to provide services for persons with multiple sclerosis to help them adjust and live complete and productive lives, and to promote awareness and an understanding of multiple sclerosis to the public.

Services Provided: Equipment loans, support groups, social activities, information and referral, peer support network, speakers' bureau, public education and client education programs.


National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)

Purpose: Clearinghouse for information on rare disorders. NORD supports rare disease and orphan drug research.

Services Provided: NORD provides reports, information and referrals on over 5,000 rare disorders to patients, members of the public and healthcare professionals. NORD members receive the newsletter "Orphan Disease Update" The organization also has medication assistance program for about ten expensive medications. There is no monetary funding.


NC Center for Aging & Geriatric Excellence

Purpose: A resource for health professionals, patients, family members, and caregivers to search for best practices and information about a variety of issues related to the Elderly and Geriatric Care.

Services Provided: NC-AGE provides resources and information on topics in elderly and geriatric care, including, abuse, Alzheimer's & dementia, behavioral health, co-morbidities, end of life care, falls, health literacy, respite care, veterans health, and wellness.


NC Health and Human Services Division of Aging and Adult Services

Purpose: To promote the independence and enhance the dignity of North Carolina's older adults, persons with disabilities, and their families through a community-based system of opportunities, services, benefits, and protections.

Services Provided: NC DAAS provides resources and information regarding Aging and Adult Services Assistance in North Carolina. Some of the information available includes Adult Day Services, Adult Placement Services, Area Agencies on Aging, Elder Housing Locator, Family Caregiver Support and many others.


NC Health and Human Services Project CARE (Caregiver support)

Purpose: Support for caregivers who take care of family members with Alzheimer's disease.

Services Provided: Project CARE is a coordinated delivery system that is responsive to the needs, values and preferences of families who take care of family member's with Alzheimer's disease. Offers counseling, care consultation, dementia-specific information, caregiver assessments, caregiver education and connections to strong social support networks.


North Carolina PACE Association

Purpose: To promote the proven PACE (Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) program and work to expand it so that all North Carolinians have access to PACE services.

Services Provided: PACE – Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly – provides comprehensive health care and services that allow individuals 55 years and older who qualify for nursing facility level of care to remain in the community with their friends and family.


United Way of North Carolina

Purpose: To provide state level support to assist NC United Ways in building healthier, safer, and more caring communities.

Services Provided: United Way of NC is the charity of choice, the critical link that brings people and organizations together to build stronger, healthier communities.



Disability Rights NC

Purpose: Part of a nationwide disability rights protection network that provides legal and advocacy services to all people with disabilities in North Carolina; investigates complaints; pursues legal remedies for protection; reviews and recommends changes in laws; aids and assists local advocacy programs; monitors state-operated facilities; and advises and assists on employment issues.

Services Provided: Provides advocacy services to any citizen of NC who has a physical or mental condition that substantially limits at least on major life activity and who falls within the agency's priorities and case selection criteria as set by the board each year. Information source for the Social Security Disability or SSI programs.


County of Lincoln Offices

Lincoln County Department of Social Services-Adult Services Unit

Purpose: Responsible for the provision of services to adults, aged, and disabled 18 years or older. These adults may reside in their own homes or in facilities and in need of assistance to maintain the quality of their lives for as long as possible.

Services Provided: Services include: Adult Protective, Guardianship, General, CAP-DA, In-Home Aide, placement, Adult Care Home Case Management, and Transportation. Adult Home Specialist is responsible for the routine monitoring of licensed facilities to ensure compliance with the rules according to General Statute 131D-2(b)(1a). Special Assistance/In Home provides a choice for those who are facing rest home placement.


Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

Charlotte Speech and Hearing Center

Purpose: To provide services for people of all ages with speech, language and hearing handicaps; to provide the opportunity for all people to communicate as effectively as their abilities all; and to provide professional and lay education related to these communicative disorders.

Services Provided: Hearing screenings and evaluations, hearing aid sales and service, hearing aid evaluations and checks, impedance testing, industry hearing tests, speech screenings, evaluations and therapy, consultations, special diagnostic testing and electroacoustic analysis of hearing aids, and provide business and personal communication services for employees who wish to or need to improve their diction, increase their verbal assertiveness of modify an ethnic or social dialect.


North Carolina Division of Services for Deaf and the Hard of Hearing

Purpose: To provide hearing aids and other assistive devices to people with hearing loss.

Services Provided: Hearing aids and other assistive devices, advocacy, assistance with accessing community resources.



Christian Ministry of Lincoln County North Carolina

Purpose: To serve the needs of the people of Lincoln county in the name of Jesus Christ, through the cooperative efforts of our churches.

Services Provided: Provides food boxes, financial assistance as able for heat, utilities, rent, medical needs, and other necessities. Furnish household items, quilts, blankets, clothing through Good Neighbor Shop, nursing home ministry, home meals, Christmas Fund, Soup Kitchen, Meals-on-Wheels.

East Lincoln Christian Ministry

Purpose: Express through fellowship, service, and action the essential unity of the Christian church. Identify, research, and support charitable services to the citizens of East Lincoln County: identifying at-risk individuals, providing direct support, and/or directing them to agencies that will meet their needs. To provide an interdenominational agency for cooperation among the churches that may achieve more effectively the objectives of the Christian faith for which…

Services Provided: Home meals, food, medicine, limited financial assistance per year for crisis help, clothes, household goods, heating oil, education. After school program for at risk Rock Springs and Catawba Springs K-3 with referral from social services. The Closet, Wayne's 2nd Friday Feast, and Senior Ministry scheduled monthly.

Lincoln County Department of Social Services

Purpose: To help families buy food that is needed for good health and nutrition using a combination of food stamps and money.

Services Provided: Food Stamps, Low Income Energy Assistance (LIEAP), Crisis Intervention Assistance (CIP)


Lincoln County Health and Wellness Club

Purpose: To provide nutrition services to Lincoln County seniors age 60 and over.

Services Provided: 12 meal vouchers per month to use at local participating restaurants; nutrition education and information and other supportive services offered.


Health Clinics/Health Department

Helping Hands Health Clinic

Purpose: To meet the healthcare needs of Lincoln County residents who do not have any other means to pay for their healthcare needs.

Services Provided: Traditional primary care (health maintenance, and acute and chronic disease care) provided by physicians and mid-level providers, they also provide pharmacy services, behavioral/mental health counseling, chronic disease education programs (in diabetes, asthma, and weight loss), nutritional counseling, medication counseling, and a medication assistance program as well as case management programs.

Lincoln County Health Department

Purpose: Preventive health services, screening exams, vaccinations

Services Provided: Immunizations for children and adults, male and female annual examinations, chronic diseases treatment (hypertension, diabetes, etc.), cancer screening, and limited diagnostic testing.


Lincoln county health department general clinic

Purpose: Walk-in clinic for services listed.

Services Provided: Blood pressure (with doctor order), blood sugar (with doctor order), Tetanus, Hep A, Hep B, college vaccines, baby vaccines, lice check, Mantoux, pregnancy test


Lincoln County Health Department-NC Oral Health Section

Purpose: To promote conditions in which all NC citizens can achieve optimal oral health. The goal is to work towards a decay-free generation of NC children.

Services Provided: Education, promotion, prevention, oral health assessments, and access to dental care


Hospice Services

Catawba Regional Hospice

Purpose: To provide quality compassionate palliative health care and support services to individuals and families facing life threatening illnesses, enabling them to experience the end of life with grace and dignity.

Services Provided: TERMINAL HOME CARE: Specialized interdisciplinary team of professionals devoted to the needs of terminally ill patients and their families. Care can be provided in our Hospice House or at home. Our patients are referred by their physician, have a life expectancy of 6 months or less, and live within the service area. Children Bereavement Services, Community Bereavement, Community Education, End of Life Issues-living wills…



Carolinas Medical Center-Denver Clinic/Rehab

Purpose: To provide rehabilitative services

Services Provided: Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and pediatric therapy.


Carolinas Medical Center-Diabetes Education

Purpose: To provide a comprehensive education program for patients with disabilities to help the patient achieve the best possible diabetes control.

Services Provided: Individual assessment and instruction in basic and advanced self-management skills; group session or individual follow-up counseling; call-in consultation as questions arise; monthly support sessions at no charge.


Carolinas Medical Center-Healthy At Home

Purpose: Healthcare

Services Provided: Home care


Carolinas Medical Center-Lincoln

Purpose: Provide healthcare to the Lincoln County community

Services Provided: Acute care


Carolinas Medical Center-Lincolnton Adult Clinic/Rehab

Purpose: To provide rehabilitative services

Services Provided: Physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and pediatric therapy


Caromont Regional Medical Center

Purpose: Acute care hospital

Services Provided: Emergency center, maternity care, coronary care, adolescent adult and geriatric psychiatry, pediatric service, intensive care units, day surgery, sleep studies laboratory, speech and hearing disorders center, community education, radiation therapy, open heart surgery, volunteer services, home health care, classes in prenatal sibling readiness, Lamaze, and epidural are available. Special support groups.


Catawba Valley Medical Center

Purpose: To provide quality health care, to promote the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of the public, to be a leader of health education, wellness services, preventive medicine, and acute care throughout Catawba Valley and surrounding areas.

Services Provided: Comprehensive Centers: Cancer, Orthopedics, Rehabilitation, heart, Neurosciences, Psychiatric, Women's and Childrens' Services


Frye Regional Medical Center

Purpose: To recognize employees as its greatest asset, customer satisfaction as its greatest commitments, and quality care as its greatest accomplishment

Services Provided: A full range of clinical services, Frye Auxiliary Cancer Resource Center, hospitality house, and volunteer opportunities



Bailey Springs Apartments

Purpose: To provide housing for older adults 55 and ove

Services Provided: Housing, yard maintenance, health presentations and vital signs checks, social activities

HIllside Apartments

Purpose: To provide low income housing to elderly and disabled population

Services Provided: Housing, supportive services-social activities twice a month.

Lincolnton Housing Authority

Purpose: Affordable rental housing

Services Provided: Public housing, Section 8 housing choice voucher (tenant based)

Lutherhaus Apartments

Purpose: Property (non-profit for the elderly, handicapped, and disabled)

Services Provided: Van comes for residents who need transportation. Christian Ministries delivers meals to those in need. Nursing facilities are not on the property.

Oakland Mill Apartments

Purpose: To provide affordable housing to adults age 55 and over

Services Provided: Housing, lawn maintenance. No smoking allowed in units.

Riverside Apartments

Purpose: Housing for the elderly, handicapped, or disabled

Services Provided: Housing for the elderly, handicapped or disabled

Woodmont Apartments

Purpose: Providing better housing for middle income people

Services Provided: Housing

Legal Issues

Legal Aid of north carolina-senior legal helpline

Purpose: To provide legal services (non-criminal matters) to North Carolina residents age 60 and older.

Services Provided: High quality telephone advice, brief service for problem resolution (letter writing, telephone calls, review of legal documents, and referrals to local legal aid providers when additional services are needed.


Legal Services of Southern Piedmont

Purpose: Provides free legal assistance to low-income individuals

Services Provided: Representation in domestic violence, public benefits, landlord-tenant, consumer fraud, bankruptcy, and unemployment compensation cases


Long Term Care/Rehab facilities

Boger City Rest Home

Purpose: To provide care for the elderly.

Services Provided: Assist with daily living needs, provide 3 meals per day, administer medications, transport residents, and plan daily activities.


Brian Center Health and Retirement

Purpose: To provide skilled nursing or intermediate care, and/or rest home (retirement) services

Services Provided: 24-hour nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, meals, housekeeping, laundry services, activities, and podiatry


Carillon Assisted Living

Purpose: At Carillon, we have a passion for nurturing the independence and well-being of seniors. Our passion inspires us to set a new standard of excellence for assisted living homes and senior services in North Carolina. Our communities are places where seniors go not to age gracefully, but to live well. Our care is designed to exceed expectations, rather than simply meet a need.

Services Provided: Assisted living, Respite/Alzheimer's Respite Care


Heath House

Purpose: To provide an assisted living community

Services Provided: Assisted living facility providing housekeeping, laundry, transportation, and recreational activities


Lakewood Care Center

Purpose: Assisted living offers intermediate care for individuals who cannot reside on their own in an independent living, but do not need the full-time healthcare services of a nursing home.

Services Provided: Provide care to elderly people who need help with daily tasks such as meal preparation, mobility, bathing or dressing. Assisted living centers do not provide housing for elders with sever medical conditions that require medical care and monitoring from a doctor or registered nurse.


Lincolnton Rehabilitation

Purpose: Skilled health care

Services Provided: Lubacute, Long Term, Respite, Hospice and Dementia Care


Wexford House

Purpose: To provide an assisted living community

Services Provided: Additional services include: housekeeping, laundry, transportation and activities for residents


Medicaid/Social Security/Medicare Information

LIncoln County Department of Social Services-Adult Medicaid Unit

Purpose: Works with aged, blind, and disabled individuals who have no minor children in their home

Services Provided: Medicaid for Adults, Private Living Arrangement, Long Term Care Arrangement, Community Alternatives Program, and nursing/rest home placement


Frye Regional Substance Abuse Services

Purpose: To serve medical detox and dual-diagnosed patients as part of Frye's comprehensive inpatient treatment for adults

Services Provided: Medical detoxification, assessments, group therapy, individual and family counseling, 12-step programs, alcohol and drug education, and comprehensive aftercare planning


NCSHIIP Program (Cooperative Extension Office)

Purpose: To provide information/counseling about Medicare and related programs to NC residents.

Services Provided: Information on website about Medicare and related programs, including Low Income Subsidy (Extra Help for Prescription Drug Costs), supplements and Part D plans. Local counselors available to help Medicare beneficiaries determine which Medicare products best suit their needs.


Social Security Commission

Purpose: Administers social benefits including retirement, survivors, disability, Medicare and Supplemental Security Income

Services Provided: Take and process applications for all of the named benefits. In addition, make necessary changes to records, i.e., changes to name and address.



TLC (Transportation Services of LIncoln County)

Purpose: To provide in-county transportation to the citizens of Lincoln County.

Services Provided: Van transportation for errands and medical appointments.


Veterans Services

VA Caregiver Support

Purpose: To provide services and support to veterans and family caregivers of veterans.

Services Provided: Caregiver Support Line, access to services, Caregiver Support Coordinators, Adult Day Health Care Centers, Home-Based Primary Care, Skilled Home Care, Homemaker and Home Health Aide Program, Home Telehealth, Respite Care, Home Hospice Care.


Visually Impaired

North Carolina Division of Services for the blind-Lincolnton

Purpose: To assist blind and visually impaired individuals in becoming as independent as possible. To prevent blindness and restore sight when possible.

Services Provided:Counseling, Independent Living Skills Training, In-home Aide Services, and Medical Eye Care Services


Vocal Rehabilitation

Vocal Rehabilitation-8th Ave

Purpose: Assists individuals with disabilities in obtaining and maintaining employment

Services Provided: Restoration, training, and job placement