22nd Annual Mother's Special Gift Breastfeeding Conference

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Target Audience

Lactation consultants, nurses, certified nurse midwives, nurse practitioners, physicians, and other healthcare professionals who assess and assist the mother-baby breastfeeding dyad.


Nurses, Lactation Consultants, Nurse Practitioners, and Certified Nurse Midwives are invited to join us at our annual Mother's Special Gift Breastfeeding Conference.
Experts in the field of lactation and breastfeeding will discuss best practices in the care of nursing mothers and their babies.

Topics and Speakers
Neurodevelopmental Implications of Torticollis and Plagiocephaly
Elizabeth Hammond, PT, CST

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) to Resolve Structural Issues from Birth
Holly Prouty, RN, IBCLC, CST

Holistic Care of the Baby with Tongue Tie
Jessica Altemara, IBCLC, RLC

Breakout Sessions:
A. Medication Use in Lactation
Jennifer Barnes, PharmD, BCPPS

B. Building Your Breastfeeding Toolbox
Lisa Huffstetler, IBCLC

Management in Late Preterm Infant
Ellen Chetwynd, PhD,MPH,BSN,IBCLC

Ensuring Equitable Access to Human Milk

Learning Outcome:
Discuss comprehensive care and advanced issues related to assisting moms and babies to breastfeed.

CE Credits:
6.0 Contact Hours/ 0.6 CEUs

6.0 Nursing Contact Hours
Charlotte Area Health Education Nursing Education Center (Charlotte AHEC) Nursing Education is approved as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the North Carolina Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

This program will be submitted the the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE)for CERP Credit.

Live Webinar Information
This Live Webinar will be broadcast with Zoom. Instructions to join the Live Webinar will be emailed prior to the event. You can test your computer by going to the Zoom Test Page


  • Explore possible contributors to the development of torticollis and plagiocephaly.
  • Discuss the differences between torticollis and neck tightness. 
  • Discuss appropriate recommendations to provide to families related to optimal positioning.
  • Outline decision making strategies regarding the referral of babies with suspected torticollis or plagiocephaly to other professionals.
  • Explore how craniosacral therapy can allow the baby to self-correct and resolve structural issues.
  • Discuss some of the structural issues babies experience in utero and in the birth that can be resolved with CST.
  • Explain the benefits of craniosacral therapy for Babies (and Moms)including breastfeeding, improved sleep, first line of defense for the tongue tie and reflux/happy spitter.
  • Identify need for referral for oral restriction.
  • Discuss tools and timing for optimizing feeding outcomes for nursing infants affected by oral restrictions.
  • Identify the treatment and therapy options for oral restrictions.
  • Discuss contributing factors to the medication transfer to breastmilk.
  • Evaluate medications in lactation resources available.
  • Identify common medications used in breastfeeding and exposure to infants.
  • Explain the importance of breast feeding and basic skills to support mother baby dyads in establishing and protecting breastfeeding.
  • Demonstrate simple tools that can be used in different settings to assist mothers in overcoming breastfeeding obstacles.
  • Review infant conditions associated with late preterm births.
  • Describe assessment of the late preterm infant.
  • Discuss treatment considerations for late preterm infants.
  • Recognize disparities and inequities in access to support for human milk feeding and associated systemic barriers.
  • Reflect on what we see in our personal and professional lives.
  • Discuss why a different approach is necessary for supporting breastfeeding in various communities.


Patricia H McLellan, BSN RN


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Nov 6, 2020
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Nov 6, 2020
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